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Why textBI?

Businesses of all sizes benefit from textBI because they can leverage their domain expertise and easily create models to analyze any unstructured data source for the customer information that helps drive their business.

Today businesses benefit from using textBI in a number of ways, including:

CRM / Helpdesk Quality Control Analytics

Correctly tag and classify Agent responses to service and support requests from your contact center. Uncover customer opportunities such as dissatisfaction and retention opportunities, sales opportunities, and product-related issues. Identifying the KEY DRIVERS of complaints, resolutions, and root cause.

Industry-Specific Analytics

Convert messy unstructured data into organized machine-readable data and better monetize your existing data for increased data reliability, better data consistency and accuracy.

Survey Analytics

Tag and classify open-ended survey comments for better management of NPS, customer experience and voice of the customer programs. Making customer feedback actionable, operational, manageable.

Community Analytics

Keep your finger on the pulse of your community by benchmarking sentiment and knowing what your customers are saying and about your goods and services on your community site.

Social Analytics

Know what your customers are saying about you socially and reducing the cost of manual coding / tagging.

Textual Tagging Made Easy

For businesses that depend on leveraging customer insights, text analytics and tagging is critical to effective customer experience management. Now with textBI there is a simple, powerful way to manage all of your text analytics tagging needs. Want to focus on improving the customer experience instead of manual efforts? TextBI is your easy-to-use, business-grade text tagging solution for sales, customer care, marketers, product management, and IT teams. Our cloud-based solution lets you add and update tags for your free-form text, easily, whenever you want.